salt fiend

Okay, so you just have to trust me on this, that it’s weird for my second-ever post to be about a product. I really intend to focus on home cooking (which this does apply to), but it would just be dishonest to not mention a new thing I have become obsessed with.

I first had truffle salt at my friends Gladys and Peter’s house, where they sprinkled it on their not incidentally amazing steaks, and there are no words to describe those steaks, although umami is certainly one that comes to mind. Unlike truffle oil, which has become a cliche that no self-respecting foodie would be caught with these days, the flavor of truffles comes through loud and clear, and is enhanced by its entanglement with the coarse salt.

They (generous friends that they are) gave me a jar, which I swore would be used sparingly, special occasions only. Well, I broke that vow in a big way. Instead, it’s Truffle-Salt-City over here. I had had it all wrong–you don’t save it for special occasions, you use it to turn your ordinary dishes—grilled steak, green salads, eggs over easy—into special occasions.


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